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A Palm Tree and a Frog

A Palm Tree and a Frog

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During his wanderings in Western Canada, a frog is surprised to discover a palm tree rooted in the tar sands, dreaming of going to live among Québec Inuit, where, it seems, there is a famous grotto. The frog tells him that this grotto is rather located in Saint-Adrien-d'Irlande. They chat all night and end up saying tender words to each other. In the morning, it is with great pleasure that the frog leads the palm tree to the distant grotto. Shortly after their arrival at Saint-Adrien-d'Irlande, they unite their destiny according to the rules in the church just a few steps away from the grotto. Before going on their honeymoon to Argentina, they make a last visit there, and then... [This tale is preceded by a foreword and is closed by an afterword].

Année 2024

Nombre de pages 108

ISBN 9782981932587

Dimensions 11 cm x 18 cm (4,33 po x 7,08 po)

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